You say that your inn of cheap can stay room without meals and guest house.
(All ※ self-service is the basic)

It is a room without meals without a meal.

Since I have registered in airanb, reservation thank you from here.

Because it is in the guest house preparation, but facilities and interior is not good enough, I am glad if you could use to you feel free now.
Private room per room (one bunk bed) large room Western-style one room (two-stage bet three) large room Japanese-style room 1 room (you sleep about 8 tatami-five) and there is.
No Bathing shower facilities (walking there is Wakura Onsen total hot water in place of 5 minutes)
Toilet is the men’s toilet and girls toilet there each one by one.
※ I received fees now, and we want to use in support of the NPO that I have been doing.
Kitchen (tableware, including refrigerator) you can use free to contact.
Toilets are shared. and (walking there is also Wakura Onsen total hot water in the immediate vicinity)
Linen & futon cover pillow cover is included in the room cost, but there is no offer of pajamas and amenities.
All such as bed making we ask you to self-service.

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